Kawaii Kitty Slot

Kawaii Kitty is a slot machine about an adorable kitty who will make you want to cuddle and play with her. The presentation of the game, from its high-quality graphics down to how smoothly everything runs, makes this one worth playing!

Kawaii Kitty Gameplay

Get your hands on some of these adorable kittens and start winning big!

Game Symbols: What Pays?

The Kawaii Kitty Slot has many low-paying symbols that will not make a player rich. The little kitten doesn’t smile until you land 5 of them on your screen, but it’ll be worth the wait! That adorable face and those ears always bring in some coins for me when I play this game at home or online – plus, if someone else lands one near my bet line, then we can laugh together because who knows what crazy stuff might happen next?

Wild Tiles are the most volatile tiles in any game. When you get two Wilds on your reels, they transform into free spins with an expanded symbol space that offers more opportunities for winning!

Kawaii Kitty Gameplay

Kawaii Kitty is a 5 reel, 3-row slots game with 10 pay lines. You can bet by putting in coins or playing on progressive mode, where your prize will increase depending on how well you do during each spin – it’s all up to YOU! There are various coin denominations, from 0.02 cents to 1 dollar (or more). Feel free to come back anytime and make adjustments as needed; compare the payout rates, then decide which one sounds better.

It’s always nice to have some time for yourself; the best way is with an auto spin! Just go through all your settings like you normally would when setting up a bet. But this isn’t just any old automatic spinning machine; we’ve got everything set so that it will start immediately after saving these changes in order-with one small exception: if multiple games are going at once (which sometimes happens), only then does each game get its separate round of betting.

More Wins with the Wild Yarn Feature

Cats are fascinated by the sight of tangles and yarns. The wilds on this reel will pop up in places 2, 3 or 4 only – they’re substitutes for other icons to create winning combinations that watch our cute little kitten lay her paws onto it while revealing tremendous prizes! There’s one image where she takes hold with both hands; you can imagine all those beautiful strands beneath them as if flowing off an invisible loom (which maybe isn’t so surprising considering how much cats love to play). When more appear at once, like colourful ribbons being unravelled from some giant spool–they become absolutely chaotic but still adorable.

Play the Double Up Mini-Game and Make Extra Wins

The bonus game is a chance to play for more money. Make an educated guess about which way the coin will land, and if you get it right – your winnings double! But wrong answers don’t count against any stakes that were put in before hand, so take some time deciding whether or not this gamble is worth going ahead.


Kawaii Kitty may not have the most exciting or lucrative paytable, but it’s helped by an abundance of wilds and free spins. You can land all these bonuses often, which will give your bankroll a handy boost up to C$50K!

The Little Kitty on Mobile Phone

Kawaii Kitty is now available for mobile devices! This free-to-play game version will give you plenty of kitty fun on your phone or tablet. Betsoft’s development team uses HTML5 technology to make their games fluid and user-friendly across different types/models, phones, tablets etc., so no matter what device they come in contact with – players can have an amazing time playing these cute little casinos slots from Japan.


Kawaii Kitty is the perfect game for you if your focus lies more on small, steady wins than large ones. You will also enjoy playing with an affordable budget and longer play time compared to other games that only last a few spins! But don’t worry because this sweet kitty has plenty of big win opportunities, too- land 5*s while getting as many wild symbols scattered around, then watch out, the world since she’s got some tricks up her sleeve, just waiting patiently at every turn.